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Financial Information

The Public and Broadcasting
The Public and Broadcasting

Facilities Applications
None. No applications pending.

Assignment Application
None. No applications pending.

Renewal Applications
None. No applications pending.

Ownership Information
Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws as amended (April 2007)
By-Laws as amended (March 2016)
Ownership Report for Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Station (March 2013)

Political File
Not applicable. No requests made, no time provided.

EEO Program Matters
EEO Public File Report 2017

FCC Investigation or Complaint
None. No investigations or complaints pending.

Authorizations and Contour Maps
Transmitter Coverage Maps (February 2004)
License Renewal Authorization (January 2008)
Main Antenna License Permit (October 2002)
Auxiliary Antenna License Permit (February 2004)
HD Notification (August 2008)
Studio Location

Donor Lists
Program Sponsors (2015)
Program Sponsors (2016)
Program Sponsors (2017)

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Report

Report - 2015