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Jeffrey Blair

Host and Producer of Choral Classics, and the Workbench, Jeffrey presents classical music with knowledge and humor.

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David Crews

Host of Saturday Matinee featuring a lively mix of favorites, new discoveries, and even some film music!

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Mela Dailey

Mela (mee-la) Dailey is an acclaimed Austin-based singer and actress. She is the host of the new show, Icons of Broadway.


Dianne Donovan

Midday Announcer and Producer/Editor/Host, Host of Live Broadcasts

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Chris Johnson

A passionate lover of classical music and an advocate for the arts, Chris Johnson has distinguished himself as both a radio broadcaster and journalist in his tenure in the classical music world.

Nathan langfitt

Nathan Langfitt

As a radio announcer, musician, and arts educator, Nathan Langfitt loves exploring a diverse array of classical music repertoire and sharing it with others. Locally, Nathan is active as a percussionist and music director, and serves as a lecturer in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

Host and Producer of Staccato, a 90-second feature covering classical music news all over the world.

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Whit Martin-Whitaker

For the love of the music.

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Carla McElhaney

Carla McElhaney is the pianist, co-founder, and artistic director of Austin’s innovative chamber music and arts collective, REVEL. She currently serves on the music faculty of Texas Lutheran University.

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Brian Satterwhite

“I’m a filmmaker, not a musician.” says Brian Satterwhite, an award-winning film composer and conductor based in Austin, Texas.

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Sara Schneider

After studying musicology at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Michigan native Sara Schneider put her love of music to work at KMFA.

KMFA Programs
Kmfa ancient voices 180

Ancient Voices

A one-hour showcase of early music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque.

Kmfa choral classics 180

Choral Classics

An exploration of the rich tradition of choral music from the earliest chant to the most recent releases.

Kmfa classical austin 180

Classical Austin

A weekly interview and music show, with host, Dianne Donovan, that highlights upcoming events and artists of the classical music scene in Austin/Central Texas.

Cga logo

Classical Guitar Alive

The only nationally syndicated guitar radio program in the U.S. is produced right here at KMFA.

Kmfa film score focus 180

Film Score Focus

This one-hour program is a weekly journey into the realm of music written for movies.

Kmfa butler school 180

From the Butler School

From the Butler School presents the best performances from student musicians in the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas - Austin.

Kmfa icons of broadway 180

Icons of Broadway

Each music-filled episode spotlights an iconic performer or personality who has defined classic American musical theater.

Kmfa kids recording kids 180

Kids Recording Kids

KMFA's annual summer camp for kids teaches interview, recording, and digital sound editing skills.

Kmfa kmfa by request 180

KMFA by Request

Each weekday from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., we play an hour of music requested by our listeners.

Kmfa listen local 180

Listen Local

Listen Local is a series of locally-produced radio broadcasts of Austin's finest classical music performances to bring local performances to larger audiences.

Kmfa night music 180

Night Music

This two hour program of music eases you from the day into the evening.

Kmfa piano forte 180


Kmfa pipe works 180


Host Chris Teel explores music written for the pipe organ.

Kmfa staccato 180


Quick notes dotting the classical music landscape

Kmfa workbench 180


Workbench is a classical music sandbox

National Programs